22 July 2007

the squid_mürekkep balığı

i have been collecting images in every occasion since i first bought my handy cam: friends meetings, family celebrations, birthdays, holidays and short trips around the city etc. the film titled the squid found its inspiration from the footage that was shot during a short trip to the coast of black sea.

before starting to edit the squid, i watched the footage again and again to find the very common point among them. for me this effort was about the content of the image in connection with me as the film maker. the images which were shot in a beautiful beach were quite fascinating and cinematographic. but so paradoxically, my being there was a coincidence and i only meant to go on a short trip and i was apparently shooting an ordinary home movie. that is probably where i combine Jonas Mekas with Maya Deren and Bruce Conner. therefore, i have a home movie with personal and poetic images.
i constructed the film as a circle in the manner the memory works. Heidegger indicates that the memory belongs to today, because it reconstructs the past from the point of today. in other words, the mind recollects the moments and makes their collages at the present moment.
in the light of these concepts in mind, i used the beach; the space as the main structure of the narration. the video images were manipulated into black and white to emphasize the past, but on the other hand, the transitions between the images fluently mark the presence of the present. and the juxtaposing the images work as the memory work; a kind of unity between the past and the present. the use of the reversal movement and slow motion again turn us to the past and the present cycle.