15 July 2007

mutfak sefası


o piti piti

on the road

neither you nor the dark soil owns me

in july 2004, a public art project was held by Amargi Woman Solidarity Cooperative for the visibility of the woman murders committed in the name of honor, and domestic violence against woman

main aim of the activity was to present the woman murders reflected in the press, how they are reflected and what kind of policies should be developed to prevent this violence.

we started to hold out a list of artistic items after we gave an impressive name to the activity as “neither you nor the dark soil owns me”. we planned the exhibition of the collections of the articles of those murders from the press since 1st of January 2004.
by this exhibition it was shown that 35 women got murdered by their family members (mostly brothers), husbands or boy friends in various areas of turkey in the name of honor. i drew a few women slain figures on the street with chalk and wrote down to them the reasons why they were murdered and hanged some woman clothes and some toy weapons symbolically on ropes. to give emphasis to the hierarchy and pressure of men on woman and the male-dominated education system, i did a table of syllables and named it as “men teach women”.
we thought to turn the street into a stage that was set on daily life and on the other hand turn the stage into daily life by those installations.